Human Sexuality Advisory Council

HSAC 2016-2017

Committee Members:

School Chair Representative: Molly Collins

Dunlap Staff and Parent Rep: Sarah Taylor and Dana Wells-Jenney

Middle School Rep: Sharon Driscoll

High School Staff and Student Reps: Matt Hermann, Belinda O'Donnell and Caitlin Reed

District Nurse: Karen Lukowski

Board Member: Jack Wollaston (Alternate - Dotty Dilsaver

Recorder: Trevor DeVeaux

Meeting Dates:

November 15
January 11
March 15
April 12
May 10

 All meetings will be held at Pennfield High School,
Conference Room, 8587 Pennfield Road, Battle Creek,
from 3:00 to 4:00. Please note the meeting dates listed above.


Monitor HIV/AIDS programs at Dunlap, Middle School and High School and report pre/post student data.

Review K - 12 program materials for Board of Education adoption consideration.

Develop an abstinence based, risk reduction program for high school students.

Build membership and leadership capacity on the Human Sexuality Advisory Committee.

Every two years organize and publish on the district website a community report.

Develop committee goals, which may be reported on in the community report.


Resources and Information

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General Guidelines and Policies

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