Pennfield Schools to Share in 1 Million Dollar Grant for Children’s Education Savings Account Program

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is showing her support for Children’s Savings Account (CSA) to both the Battle Creek Community Foundation and Wayne Metro Community Action Agency with a $1M award.

The award will support local families in promoting financial success and helping build wealth and pay for educational expenses, according to the Michigan Executive Office of the Governor.

“By investing $1 million into the Children’s Savings Account pilot program, we are expanding opportunities and improving outcomes for Michigan’s children,” said Governor Whitmer. “Children’s savings accounts offer an exciting platform to help families build wealth and pay for educational expenses, including extracurricular activities that are critical to a child’s development.”

The award will be split up between both organizations with $500,000 going to each organization.

The Battle Creek Community Foundation is looking to create 360 Children’s Savings Account within underserved school districts including Harper Creek Community Schools and Pennfield Schools.

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